Yonex Astrox Series Rackets are truly the choice of the Champions. The ASTROX is an attack-orientated model which can take the lead in a high-speed game with a design that can deliver powerful, steep smashes, allowing you to dominate the court. This is why Astrox series rackets are preferred by top badminton players in the world, including World Champion Kento Momota ( Astrox 99), Shuttle Queen Saina Nehwal ( Astrox 99), Viktor Axelson ( Astrox 100), Doubles World No. 1 Pair Kevin Sanjaya & Marcus Gideon ( Astrox 88SPro and Astrox 88DPro). The higher end rackets of the Astrox range are made of revolutionary graphite  Namd, which produces a shaft that flexes and stores energy, delivering explosive force on impact with the shuttle.