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TYR Z-200 Stopwatch

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Product Specification

Take your training to the next level with the TYR Z200 Stopwatch. Engineered to provide athletes and coaches with the information they need to excel, this water and shock resistant product includes a variety of display option, timing capabilities and 60 dual split automatic memory. 

  • Split Lap - Counter.
  • Split Time - The time for one lap or set distance of a race consisting of more than one lap.
  • Lap Time - How long it take to get from one split to the next.
  • Mode - Time/Calendar, Alarm, Stopwatch, Countdown Pace.
  • Water and Shock Resistant.
  • 60 Dual Split Automatic Memory.
  • Timing Capability to 1/100th of a Second.
  • Display Options for Day, Date and Calendar.