Mad Wave Speed Rope Steel
Mad Wave Speed Rope Steel
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Mad Wave Speed Rope Steel

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Product Description

Speed skipping rope with aluminum handles and PVC-sheathed steel cord. Designed for challenging workouts. Ball bearings provide light rotation and fast acceleration during training. The Speed Skipping Rope is the ideal trainer for teaching and improving your cross-training jumping program. Always try to use only the correct exercise technique and load that suits your physical fitness.

To avoid rubbing off the sheath of the cord, it is recommended to use the rope only indoors on a smooth surface. Store the rope in a natural bend and do not bend it. Before the lesson, you need to adjust the length of the rope with screws according to your height. At rest, the handles of the rope should be flush with the armpits when standing with the rope under your feet.
Diameter: 0,25 cm
Cord length: 300 cm


PVC, Metal, Aluminum