Mad Wave Paddles Swim Trainer
Mad Wave Paddles Swim Trainer
Mad Wave Paddles Swim Trainer
Madwave Made In China

Mad Wave Paddles Swim Trainer

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Product Description

Madwave Paddles are Designed with an Ergonomic shape and it allows you to swim fast while keeping proper technique. This helps to increase body aerobic and anaerobic capabilities. Also, Paddles Mad Wave can be used for proper technique training and for increasing force and endurance.
Our PADDLES will provide you with excellent hydrodynamic properties, comfort, and durability, helping build upper body strength and improve stroke technique. Come in three different sizes.

Size Chart

Small 16.5*11.5*0.2 cm
Medium 18.5*12.5*0.2 cm
Large 20*14*0.2 cm

Design features

Elastic straps fix the palm safe and comfortable. Holes in the paddle provide an additional feel of water. The main target is force and endurance training.


Using the paddles and swimming in them without supervision coach could lead to the emergence of hidden errors in your technique, and even injuries.