Mad Wave Massage Roller
Mad Wave Massage Roller
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Mad Wave Massage Roller

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Product Description

The massage roller is ideal for relieving local muscle pain and allowing you to recover faster from strenuous workouts. Exercises with this roller have a deep massage effect, thus preventing typical sports injuries. The roller has a medium level of rigidity and is suitable for any type of training and massage. Recommended for people with medium to high pain thresholds for sports and therapeutic purposes. Training with a massage roller is simple and very effective.

It is necessary to slowly roll the roller under a specific muscle group for 45-60 seconds using your own weight. If you feel tension or even pain in a certain area of the body, then hold the roller in this place, gently pressing on the trigger point for an additional 30-45 seconds.
Regular self-massage helps maintain muscle flexibility and stimulates blood circulation.
It is recommended to consult a physical or manual therapist.

Roller diameter 15 cm.
The length of the roller is available in two sizes – 30 cm and 45 cm.

Composition: Polypropylene - 100%