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Li-Ning No 1 Boost Badminton String

Regular price Rs. 950.00

Product Description

Li-Ning's No.1 Boost string promises 'Extreme Repulsion Power'. The string comprises three components, the core, the outer layer, and a coating on top of it. The core is made of thousands of strands wounded together to provide you with a heat resistant and high-intensity string. It also uses nano-technology for braiding the strings to provide maximum power and durability. The outer layer is also made of heat resistant and high-intensity nylon, which ensures that tension is evenly spread throughout the racket. The synthetic resin provides a case and a coating for the string and ensures elasticity for better performance.

Ultimately, this string has the unique capacity to redirect and snap back for that extra mile in your shots, moreover, it offers maximum repulsion and that perfect hitting sound which every player desires.