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Carlton Powerblade 9200

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Product Description

Perfect combination of power and precision,  Carlton Powerblade badminton Rackets allows you to dominate the badminton court with powerful smashes and precise drop shots at the net. Made of Japanese HM Carbon, these lightweight rackets can withstand higher string tension upto 30 lbs.

Product Specification

Flex Medium Flexible
Frame Material Japanese HM Carbon
Shaft Material Japanese HM Carbon
String Tension 30 lbs
Weight 83 g
Grip Size G3 1/4
Balance Point Even Balance
Head Shape Isometric Head Shape
Pre-Strung Unstrung
Playing Style Offensive
Age Adult
Expertise Level Intermediate & Advanced


Product Technologies 

Nano Pulse 
Semi Concave Frame
Micro Grommet System
High Tension Frame 
Mega Tension Frame
Ultra Lightweight Frame
Nano Pluse is a unique racket manufacturing technology which controls the flowing of resin in the process of knitting yarn by high frequency pluse wave to make the carbon yarns structure stable. This technology minimize the loss of resin in the process of manufacturing to provide an even stress on the frame to the greatest extent.  it has been found this specialized technology allows for greater stability on the racket through the tests which gains many professional players recognition.
Semi Concave Frame 
The Concave indentation on the inside if the frame allow the string to be more flexible before reaching the grommets providing a more forgiving  sweetspot and an increase in the speed of shuttle repulsion upon impact.
Micro Grommet System 
The Micro grommet prevents the strings from shifting during play enabling the racket to retain its high tension for a longer period of time.
High Tension Frame
Precision engineering & utilisation of the finest construction materials ensures your carlton frame can accommodate for string tension of up to 30lbs delivering greater shot control with maximum shuttle repulsion.
Mega Tension Frame 
Precision engineering & utilisation of the finest construction materials ensures your carlton frame can accommodate 11% higher string tensions compared with competitor frames.
Ultra Lightweight Frame 
The Ultra Lightweight Frame technology gives an ultra light feel and feather light swing. This ensures the playe's use of  less strength battle racket with stronger back hand feel to improve play more games.