Apacs LHI Signature 66
Apacs LHI Signature 66
Apacs Made in Japan

Apacs LHI Signature 66

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Product Description

Apacs LHI Signature 66 String is developed in thermo resin between core and outer wrapping fiber enables high tension consistency and durability. This string is suitable for player who prefer POWER NET PLAY (SPIN) & CONTROL 

  • Storten shuttlecock contact duration
  • Reduce string displacement 
  • Increased string durability 
  • Improved string resiliency
Contact duration Displacement Durability  Resiliency
↓1.8% ↑28% ↑0.9%


Product Specification 

Gauge 0.66mm 
Length 10mm / 33 FT
Material  Nylon multi filament with heat resistant fiber & resin
Max Tension 33 LBS