Funky Trunks Boy's Classic Trunks Wax Lyrical
Funky Trunks Boy's Classic Trunks Wax Lyrical
Funky Trunks Boy's Classic Trunks Wax Lyrical
Funky Trunks Boy's Classic Trunks Wax Lyrical
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Funky Trunks Boy's Classic Trunks Wax Lyrical

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Can mere words convey the reverence we hold for this masterpiece of aquatic attire? For the suppleness of its fabric, the contemporaneity of its cut, the effervescence of its style? Alas, even by aesthetic alone, this suit rejects every descriptive endeavor. Its dynamic blend of shading and texture evokes the majesty of wind upon water. Strokes of brilliant color intertwine in effortless spontaneity, embodying the serenity of an autumn sunset. And yet still our commentary falls short, as only by wearing this sacred garment can we comprehend the intricacies of its design, and indeed, of our shared human spirit.

13cm wide side trunk (14cm for larger sizes). Front lining and drawcord with Funky Trunks logo come as standard. Wide elastic at the waist offers exceptional comfort all around. Available in sizes 10 - 14.

Chlorine resistant, boring resistant

Funky Trunks and Funkita are Australia’s leading chlorine-resistant swimwear labels. Our exclusive C-Infinity fabric provides superior comfort and durability for prolonged use in the pool and under the sun. Our customers are active and live life to the full, they love to be different and make a statement. That’s why we design an entire range - from the conservative to the crazy - that is anything but ordinary.


C-Infinity is a colorful breakthrough in chlorine-resistant fabric technology! The superior choice for swimmers, C-Infinity and Eco C-Infinity has exceptional strength and can retain its durability far beyond other elastane swimwear fabrics. Ideal for frequent pool use for recreational and performance based swimming, all Funky Trunks and Funkita swimwear is made with C-Infinity.


C-Infinity has:

»» High definition color fastness
»» Exceptional chlorine resistance
»» Core strength
»» Elasticity
»» Shape retention and a soft feel
»» Quick-drying features and breathability
»» 50+ UV sun protection
100% Polyester | Fabric milled in Italy