Babolat Pulsion 105 Tennis Racquet
Babolat Pulsion 105 Tennis Racquet
Babolat: Made in China

Babolat Pulsion 105 Tennis Racquet

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Product Description

This Babolat Pulsion 105 racquet offers a modern and elegant design. This model is indeed easy to play with and powerful. This racquet is ideal for beginner or recreational players.

As soon as you hit your first few shots, you will feel the catapult effect of the Babolat Pulsion 105 racquet. For such a light racquet (260 gr), this model offers a great deal of power! The large head size and the balance in the head ensure that this racquet is a true weapon when it comes to moving your opponents around. 

The 680cm² head size will make it easier for you to hit the ball in the center of the racquet head. Also, the large hitting surface provides a trampoline effect and will enable you to easily generate power without having to force your body. Next, the 16x20 string pattern will enable you to hit a great amount of spin on your shots. Lastly, the elliptical frame made of graphite will offer power, feel, and sturdiness. 


Head Size 105.4 in² / 680 cm²
Length 26.97 in
Composition Graphite composite
Unstrung Weight 260 g
Balance 13.39 in / 34 cm
Beam Width 24 mm