Yonex Voltric LD Force ( Unstrung )
Yonex Voltric LD Force ( Unstrung )
Yonex Voltric LD Force ( Unstrung )
Yonex Made in Japan

Yonex Voltric LD Force ( Unstrung )

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Product Specification

The new "Crystal Red" design of the Lin Dan series-exclusive VOLTRIC LD-FORCE, is made for high-speed maneuverability and a heavy smash that can win points in a single shot.

The VOLTRIC LD-FORCE utilizes special graphite material NANOMETRIC DR*, featuring enhanced tenacity and resilience, throughout the frame, in addition to the main standout of the VOLTRIC series, the Tri-Voltage system that balances power and maneuverability, carrying momentum through your swing. And with Yonex’s slimmest shaft, it is designed to greatly reduce air resistance. This model is perfect for hard hitters and enhances Lin Dan’s playstyle of capturing surprise points form opponents mid-rally.

The new design is based on an image of a phoenix spreading its wings, and has received the personal stamp of approval from the legend, Lin Dan, himself

*Nanometric is a material that applies Toray Industries' Nano alloy® technology.


Product Specification

Expertise Level Advanced
Weight 4U ( Avg. 83gm)
Stringing Advice 4U 20-27 lbs
Colour Black / Crystal Red
Manufacturing Made in Japan
Cover Full Racket Cover
Delivery 2-4 days
Unstrung Badminton Racket

Racket Highlights

Made in Japan, Yonex Voltric Z Force II  is one of the most successful badminton racket produced by Yonex. It uses an extra slim shaft, TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM and many other cutting edge technologies to successfully combines the contrasting characteristics of exceptional POWER & CONTROL. 

Maximum Energy Transfer


Choice of Champions

Extra Slim Shaft


Voltric is Power


Voltric is Agility

sound filter

Voltric is Strong Sounding


Control Support Cap


Isometric Head Shape