Akayu 1 Yonex Badminton Shoe
Akayu 1 Yonex Badminton Shoe
Akayu 1 Yonex Badminton Shoe
Akayu 1 Yonex Badminton Shoe
Akayu 1 Yonex Badminton Shoe
Akayu 1 Yonex Badminton Shoe
Yonex Made in China

Yonex Akayu 1 Badminton Shoe

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AKAYU1 Badminton Shoe Is Latest Launch By Yonex For 2019. It is developed with new Yonex design philosophy known as die cut and mold technique in which minimum stitching is used to manufacture the shoe. To improve the strength of the shoe, stamping and embossing technique is used. 

This shoe is developed with True Shape and True Cushion Technologies which offers better fitting and perfect cushioning to player so that they can give optimum performance on ground. 

Most of the Yonex Badminton shoe comes above Rs 2000 price range and AKAYU is one of few models in Yonex under Rs 2000 range. This shoe fill the gap and suitable for emerging, intermediate to advance badminton players. 

Double Russel Mesh
Inner material 
Power Cushion
VSR Rubber



True Cushion – True Comfort : AKAYU shoe is developed with Yonex best in class badminton shoe cushion technology known as True cushion. True cushion is developed with 2 layers of shock absorption technology. On First layer, high quality and resilience mid sole is equipped with very soft EVA inner sole. The combination of soft Mid Sole, Inner Sole offer best in class comfort to players so that they can perform better on court. With better cushion, player can improve the court cover as it will help in maximizing the energy transfer for next step movements. 

True Shape – True Fitting : AKAYU is latest badminton shoes from Yonex which is built on True shape concept. True shape offers contoured upper part with wide last which is designed to provide better fitting even with different shape and sizes.