Carlton Vapour Trail S-Lite
Carlton Made in China

Carlton Vapour Trail S-Lite

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Product Description

Vapour Trail S-Lite badminton racquets by Carlton are flexible, light-headed racquets which are basically meant for offensive game play. These racquets are made out of japanese hm carbon which provide higher durability and superior resistance. TThe racquets provide a string tension from 18 to 28 lbs. The G3 grip size provides a soft, yet solid hold on the racquets, hence making up for the stiffness and heavy head. The head shape is isometric with extended sweet spot which enables you to hit more powerful shots. These racquets are meant for experienced badminton players and can be used for both practice as well as regular matches.
Product Specification
Flex Flexible
Frame Material Japanese HM Carbon
Shaft Material Japanese HM Carbon
String Tension 18-28 lbs
Length 675mm
Weight 85 g
Grip Size G1
Balance Point Head Light
Head Shape Isometric Head Shape
Pre-Strung Unstrung
Playing Style Offensive
Age Adult
Expertise Level Advanced