SG Savage Xtreme English Willow Cricket Bat
SG Savage Xtreme English Willow Cricket Bat
SG Savage Xtreme English Willow Cricket Bat
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SG Savage Xtreme English Willow Cricket Bat

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SG Savage extreme cricket bat is made of world's finest quality English Willow. The bat has been designed keeping the needs of modern day T-20 cricket in mind. The bat carries extra wood and thick edges for powerful hitting during the power play



  • Grade- Grade 3 world’s finest English Willow hard pressed & traditionally shaped for superb stroke.
  • Grain- 5-7 straight grains.
  • Handle-Singapore cane handle with special 3 way insertion of cork in between splits for enhanced flexibility and shock absorption.
  • Handle Shape-Traditional round cane handle  for supreme grip and overall bat control.
  • Toe type- Flat toe.
  • Weight-1160-1190 gm(2.9-2.11 lbs).
  • Size-Full size 33.7 inches(85.7 cm).
  • Suitable For-Age: 15+, Height: 5’6″ and above.
  • Cover- Comes with a sleek, full-length bat cover to protect your bat when not in use.

    It is important to note the English willow bats need to be prepared by knocking in and oiling in most cases before they can be played with a hardball. This is very important and if it is not done properly it can have a detrimental effect on the performance and life of your bat. They also need regular maintenance and care.